SAO – GGO Figma Sinon

Company – Figma/Max Factory
Series – Sword Art Online
Cost – $83.99 USD

• Articulation, joints are nice and move really well. Allows for a great deal of poses
• new wrist set up, that allows for better posing, with either a hand gun or the sniper rifle
• wonderfully sculpted, excellent rendition of the anime character from the GGO story arc
• Bi-pod for the sniper rifle is flimsy, broke after one use.
• New wrist joint can get stuck on the hands/forearm and can sometimes be difficult to remove

Using the online VR game Gun Gale Online to overcome a childhood tragedy, Sinon creates a reputation as one of the best snipers in the game. But when she enters the Ballet of Bullets will she be victorious or be shot down?

This figure is the 5th Figma I own to date and the 3rd from the Sword Art Online series. I will say that this is by far my favorite. The changes made to this figure as compared to Asuna or Kirito are amazing. Most notably the wrist articulation, which is reminiscent of S.H. Figuarts wrists and allows a wide range of movement. They provide an additional wrist peg, which helps as the hands can get stuck on the wrist peg which is hard to remove at times.

This figure comes with a new neck/back of the head, so you can pose her in a laying sniper position. While there is a bit of a gap at the neck and head, you can’t really see it unless you pick up the figure and look at her from the chest.

Her sniper rifle comes with interchangeable parts, specifically a bi-pod and a stand for the stock of the gun, which allows for the rifle to stand more securely when you have her laying down. My biggest complaint comes from the bi-pod being so flimsy the slightest touch causes it to break. I was only able to put her in the laying position once, when I removed the bi-pod it broke. This is the second Figma I have had to have accessories break, the first being with Kirito and was one of his swords. That was a much easier fix though.

While the ease in which the bi-pod broke really bothers me (removing one of the greatest poses for the figure), the figure is still very nice to have and would recommend it to anyone who can get their hands on it.

There are still other posing options, I would just highly recommend to anyone who has this figure to be very careful with the bi-pod, if it hasn’t broken yet it still very well could. That being said, if you love SAO as much as I do, what are you waiting for?


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