S.H. Figuarts Piccolo (re-issue)

Product Name
S. H. Figuarts Piccolo (reissue)

Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball Z Kai/Dragon Ball Super

Bandai/Tamashii Nations

S.H. Figuarts


  • Articulation
  • Several hands and heads to change out for different poses.
  • Good color scheme


  • No stand – Given so many figures coming out with stands lately this was a disservice to these figures.
  • No engery part – you have a face and hands for his special attack, but no energy part.


One part bad guy, one part good guy, one part Nailz (don’t ask), maybe a squishy part of Kami, Master and Friend.

Tamashii Nations provides us a wonderful figure in the form of Piccolo from the Dragon Ball series. This figure is a great representation of our favorite villain turned hero. I have been looking to add this figure to my S.H. Figuarts collection for some time and was really happy when I was able to find the last one at a local hobby shop.

I am pleased that they provided the cape and a hat version of his head. I actually love the cape, though I wish they could make a version that can flow out or on some kind of hinges like the cape for Tuxedo Mask. He comes with 2 heads that don’t have the hat on them, his main head with a scowl and an “imma chargin mah lazerz” head. I think it would have helped to add a head that showed him yelling, or at the very least an interchangeable face. They could have easily reduced one full head for a couple of faces that could be swapped out.

His cape comes with a swap out front, so that you can change the arms to show his arms folded. Which really is the only real pose I remember from the show after the Saiyan story arc.

It would be nice to have a small Gohan (age 4) to go with this figure, either one in his pre- Z fighter gear or one in the Gi that Piccolo first gave him, with Piccolo’s symbol on the back. Just because I think it would look great standing next to this figure.

This is definitely a must have though, if you are collecting Dragon Ball Z figures from S.H. Figuarts, you need this one for the group. He is probably one of the more iconic characters from the show, also the most memorable because of how much his character changes over the shows progression. He didn’t even need yellow hair to show the change.


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