Figma SAO Asuna #178

Product Name
figma Asuna (ふぃぐま あすな) #178

Sword Art Online

Max Factory


Release Date

Released by
Max Factory

Distributed by
Good Smile Company


“I’ll be the one to protect you.”

From the anime series ‘Sword Art Online’ comes a figma of the heroine, Asuna!


  • Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
  • A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising pose ability.
  • Her weapon of choice, ‘Lambent Light’ as well as the sword she started the game with, the ‘Silveric Rapier’ are both included.
  • Effect parts that can be attached to Lambent Light are also included.
  • Three different expressions are included – a gentle smiling face, a shouting face for combat and even a pouting face.
  • An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.


  • It took 2 figures before I could find a way to like this one. ( explanation down below)


Asuna Yuuki, the heroine of Sword Art Online and the love of Kirito in the widely popular Death Game Anime, Sword Art Online. Originally introduced as a party member for Kirito in the second episode of the anime, she quickly raises up the ranks and becomes the Sub-Commander for the largest frontline guilds in the Sword Art Online game.

This figure is a great representation of her outfit later on in the series, as part of the Blood Knights guild. It is written in the books that the guilds saved up all they had to get her that gear as a gift for all her service and good food. (She is one of the few to actually raise their cooking level in the game).   The figure does come with her original rapier, though I feel that it is out of place for this figure, as you never see it on her when she is in this outfit. If Figma does a version of her in her original outfit, the sword would be a welcomed addition.

I mentioned under the Cons section it took 2 figures for me to really like this one. The reason being, the first figure I purchased had weak wrists, specifically where the wrist posts would go into the forearm. She couldn’t hold her rapier up, it was too heavy, and the effect parts were useless. The figure was still able to be posed, but without being able to hold her sword, she wasn’t really good with action poses. The other issue I had with this figure, is that her right shoulder wouldn’t swivel. The plastic was stuck in place and any amount of pressure on the arm to try to free it up gave me concern that it would end up breaking the part. Needless to say for a figure that cost almost 50 dollars to ship from Japan, I wasn’t really in the mood to shell out another 50 bucks for a replacement. By this time, my Figma Aincrade Kirito’s sword had broken due to the stress of the effect parts it had come with.

I was lucky enough to get a second Asuna for a decent price, and with that I was able to check out the figure and see if this was a distribution issue or I was just unlucky with the first figure. I am pleased to say though I must have just been unlucky with the first figure as the second one was perfect. There are still issues with the effect parts, but that was to be expected all things considered.

She comes with several faces to display different emotions. Several sets of hands, that are stored on a peg holder. Of those hands, she has the hands to hold her rapier either left or right handed. You could even have her hold both swords. She has swivel for her hair, so that you can pose it, as well as for her head, shoulders, arms, torso, hips, knees and ankles. Her stand allows for her to be in a jumping pose or standing. I tend to keep her leaping, or and I haven’t had much success, her attack pose from the opening against Blue Eyes. If you haven’t seen that leaping pose, well check out the opening down below!

All in all I am much happier with this figure now that I have one that really works. I would recommend getting it as well, whether a fan of the show or not, its greatly detailed and would be a perfect addition to any figure collection you may have!

Sword Art Online Opening

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