Updates for the week of 12/14/2015

We have had a few updates to share with you this week. First comes from Good Smile, they updated their shipping dates for December and January. you can check out the new dates by clicking the link here.

We have a lot of Figma Knights of Sidonia figures coming out.  I am excited to see these hit the market and get my hands on them.

Kamen Rider Ghost hits its 10th episode and all the Eyecons are gathered up.  What happens next?  Well, check out the preview for the upcoming episode – Here.

With that being said, the news is out that we will see Ghost’s mid-season power up and see Kamen Rider Necrom make their debut in the winter movie.  I am looking forward to seeing the power up for Ghost and what is Necrom’s goal, especially since all 15 hero eyecons have been found?

To get some early shots of Kamen Rider Necrom, check out Ukiyaseed’s blog here.  As always, thanks to Ukiya for the scans as well as The Ghouly News Tumblr




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