Deluxe Spino Zord, or what I like to call Spino-dai-NO!

I had the chance to pick up Deluxe Spino Zord yesterday.  I wanted to put some thoughts to blog, as it were.  I will start off by first saying I do know, that Dino Charge is not Koryuger and my review of the figure is not based on a direct comparison to the original Tobaspino ( I should be so lucky).

From the beginning let me say, that if you have the T-Rex zord, from the series, either the Red (original) or the recently released Black version, then you have pretty much seen Spino Zord, with a few differences. Fist being the mouth, which is much longer then the T-Rex, mainly because it’s not a T-Rex, it’s a Spinosaurus. Although it has the same gimmick with the fins come up when the Dino batte81xOLlt71JL._SL1500_2ry is inserted.

Second, which you can see from the picture is the tail.  I am just going to say it, who thought that docking the tail of a Spinosaurus was a good idea?  It is my belief that it was done to help draw distinction between the T-Rex and the Spino Zord, but it comes off less impressive.  For my Spino Zord, because I have a spare T-Rex, I use that tail for my figure.  Which helps a lot.  As soon as I can upload my images, I will post them to this review.

81jp062CBpL._SL1500_The next major difference, and the one that may bug me the most, is the fins on the back.  I will make a comparison with the Tobaspino for this, because I think it does the Spino Zord a disservice.  They should have left the axe, and not put in the cannon.  I am not saying the cannon is a bad idea,  I think it is nice they added it to the Black T-Rex, but if I could have had one thing that resembled the Tobaspino from Kyoryuger, this would have been it.  I have no use for the spine unless I have it in it’s dino mode,  which isn’t going to be very often.  I am not a fan of just setting aside useless items from a zord.  Which is why I am not a fan of the tail they gave this zord.

They did give you 3 missiles, which is cool, in case…… know, you lose 1.  The cannon gimmick is not on a spring, so when you launch the missile, it’s not going that far, so chances of losing it are slim, unless you just don’t care…….or are 3.  If you are 3, then what are you doing with this toy?  The age limit is very clear on the box, 4 and up!

The paint apps are good on the figure, I do happen to like the Navy-ish Blue.  The Silver paint stands out, though I feel the Yellow paint app, was a little bit of a let down.  It’s more Lemon Yellow, where as the Yellow plastic had a deeper hue to it.  Yes, I am nit picking.  It’s a review, what did you expect?

The other side of the figure has not paint apps on it,  which is why you will never see a professional shot of this figure facing right.  Pose left,   only left!  Since my figure is always in combined mode, with the larger tail on the back, I can let this slide.  Those of you who do not have the spare Tail, I am sorry.  Although, as an alternative,  you could take the tail, if yo uhave Ptera Zord connected to your T-Rex, and just attach it to the Spino Zord.  Maybe?

50307858_Alt02This takes us to the Combined Mode.  Now, again, I don’t have my images uploaded, so I want to apologize for the fact that some ya-hoo couldn’t take 5 minutes to watch a clip and figure out what the combine mode should look like before taking a photo of it.  That isn’t to say, that you couldn’t set up the figure to look like this……but, why would you?

In this image you see the tail that is included used as a “shoulder cannon” and the cannon mode for the back fin. See, dumb, huh?  I just don’t like it.   The shoulder cannon thing,  just shouldn’t be there, it only adds kibble to the figure, and detracts from it’s overall aesthetics. You can move the tail to the back, but as it doesn’t open like the normal tail does, it will still be clunky and one sided on the figure.

Speaking of aesthetics,  the zord, like all current zords come with ports for the zord builder.  2 on the legs,  1 on the tail section, and if you remove the Spino head and tail, you will have ports there.   I am not a fan of the zord ports.  I mean, I understand the play-ability factor, but I am not a fan of anything that clearly draws attention away from the main focus of a figure, for the sake of a gimmick.

The helm is nicer, I liked this version with a visor over the eyes.  It does add a pleasant change from the normal Helm and spikes on it.  The C resent Moon over the visor is my favorite part of the design.

Overall, I like the figure.  I have learned over the years, that to get a representation of something I want, I have to accept some sacrifices to get it.  No sound like the Kyoryuger version is fine.  Smaller in scale then the original, ok I will accept that.  Zord ports? Groan.  But hey, I have an almost exact replica of the toy released in Japan, right?


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