Garakowa: Restore the World


So, I had a glimpse of this anime from Kahotan’s Blog around Christmas and I have to say that it really caught my eye.  I wasn’t sure about much regarding the series, other then it was being done by A-1 Productions, and Pony Canyon was involved.  Other then that, it was all I knew and I went on my way

So that leads me to this week. I had some down time, due to being sick and I was checking some stuff out on Crunchyroll, when I saw this series,  not putting it together with the fact I had just saw a PV on it last week.  So I open up the series, and watch the PV.  Well, 2 PVs, as they had the teaser and the main one.  I was completely taken over again.  The 2nd PV, actually had more to it, and that is what stuck with me the most.


(left to right: Limo, Dorothy and Dual)

The story appears to follow 2 girls, as they find the third and help her on her way.

Dorothy is voiced by Sakura, Ayane dorothywho is known for voicing characters such as Mika from Psycho-Pass, Arisa from Love Live! and Nao from Charlotte.  I have watched Love Live! and I enjoy Ayane’s voice very much.  I will have to admit though, I haven’t seen the other 2 anime, though Charlotte’s on my list to watch this month.

Dorothy is one of 2 girls in “the Box of Knowledge” who fight to keep viruses at bay.  The Box as we are told is a gravity free space with numerous lights floating around and it is comprised of multiple people, worlds and times.  My understanding is that the viruses come in and try to destroy these things and Dorothy and Dual fight to keep them at bay and intact.

DualNext we have Dual, who is voice by Taneda, Risa. Risa is known for voicing characters like Kuan, from Utaharerumono (great series, btw).  She has also voice Queen  from No Game, No Life and Chika and Seine from Log Horizon Season 2.

Risa also performs the theme song “THREE, a bud of dreams” for the movie.   Dual is the the second of 2 girls fighting in “the Box of Knowledge”, against the viruses.  Between the 2 designs, I have to say that Dual has to be my favorite.  If only because I like the staff.   (Don’t look at me like that, I have liked character’s designs for less!)

As the PV suggests, the 2 girls are in the middle of fighting Viruses when they see out 3rd member of the group, who happens to be sleeping through it all.

limoRimu or Limu, depending on your preference. Rimu is voiced by Hanamori, Yumiri.  Between the other 2 voice Seiyuu, she has voiced less shows, but as we all know it’s not the list of the voices, but the voice that matters.  It’s my belief that Yumiri will be the break out voice for the movie.  Yumiri has voiced, Uri-Tan in  Etotama, as well as several supporting characters in different series.

Rimu is found buy the other 2 girls, asleep and being attacked by Viruses, when she wakes she tells them she must return to the flower patch.

With that said, we pretty much  know everything there is to know about the movie so far.  There are several shots of different timelines, structures and characters.  We see the girls in different activities and exploring,  whether it’s the world outside of the box or the different worlds and times in the box, I am not sure.

I am really looking forward to the movie,  I hope that Crunchyroll will be able to add more to not only what the movie has to offer, but I am hoping we see this become more of a series.  Only time will tell what will end up happening.  But you can be sure that I will be watching with great anticipation.

If you would like to check out the PV for the show – check out the link here to YouTube –



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