A few more things to add.

Just wanted to add a few more things we hope to be expecting this month, or next.  We have placed orders for the following.

4549660018445S.H. Figuarts Ranma Saotome, girl type.  Since this figure was announced a few years ago, I have anxiously waited for it’s release.  It’s supposed to be released at the end of the month.  We are testing out a new distributor who says they can get it to us faster then our normal distributor.  We will have 2 in.  More to come, as soon as we know!

Ranma is, I believe a staple for most Anime Fans.  Even if you don’t watch the series, you most-likely sat down and have seen it at some point. One of Rumiko Takahashi’s classic series about a boy who turns into a girl and his engagement to an unwilling fiance.  Not to mention, his Dad turns into a panda and he has 2 other fiance’s.  What’s not to love!


4545784063545We will also be getting in a Figma KanKolle collection figure.  Mutsu, this will be our first Figma KanKolle figure,  I am excited to see how it matches up with our upcoming S.H. Figuarts Yamato figure!

Either way I expect great things from this figure.





4549660021032We will be getting another figure from the Love Live! School Idol Project, our resident psychic, Nozomi Toujou.  Responsible for the name of the group, Muse she is also a comfort and a counsel to the team as they progress through the Love Live! competition.  She will be in her Season 1 opening animation outfit as well and would go great with our  Maki figure also expected to arrive this month.






4545784063392And to round out this last bit of updates.  We will also be getting in another Figma classic, I say classic because it either is or it’s going to be.  Girls und Panzer Hana Isuzu.  I have just recently started watching the anime myself,  it’s definitely an entertaining series.  I am looking forward to what this Figma figure has to offer!


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