Kingdom Hearts II Halloween Town Sora

Well,  as I am laid up with a bum knee and foot, I decided now would be a good time to work on my review of Play Arts Kai Kingdom Hearts Sora (Halloween Town Ver.).  As  I mentioned in my review of Riku, it had been quite a while since I have had anything to do with Square – Enix and their action figure line.  So far I am still happy to say I am impressed.

I owned the previous release of Halloween Town Sora, under the Play Arts line.  I am happy to see that that kept the basic design of the figure, staying true to his Kingdom Hearts II design, with adding enough extras to keep the figure fresh.

This new version of Sora comes from the Final Mix Kingdom Hearts game, which like previous of Kingdom Hearts added more play-ability, bosses and story driven content then the American release of the game.

sora8One of the additions to the figure, that reflects the changes between normal and Final Mix is the accessories over the eye. Namely the Pumpkin/Crown/Heart and other items.  With in the game the head slot opens and the items that sit over the eye provide different stats.   These items plug into the head of the figure, depending on what your desire is for customizing Sora.

Sora also comes with 6 hands total,  2 open hands, 2 gripping hands for the keyblades and 2 fists.


Speaking of KeybladesSora comes with the Kingdom Key and the Decisive Pumpkin Key.  Both are very nice,  unlike the old Keyblades from the Play Arts line, the charms at the end of the keyboard are not on a flimsy chain, and dangle nicely when held by Sora.

sora7As with Riku, this figure comes with a stand so you can add more dynamic poses, and display your figure any way you prefer.

Sora has the same level of articulation as Riku, except at the knees.  His knees have single joint articulation, but he does have a swivel at the foot to help with posing.  All the main joints, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are ratcheted, the figure stands very nicely on it’s own,  but as it comes with it’s own stand, if you want more advanced poses, you can achieve those very easily.  His head and neck are on ball joints,  so you can move the top and lower portion of his neck to give him the “I mean business stare”.


If there was anything that I would have to call out as a negative on this figure, it would really be 2 minor gripes.  One which is the same with Riku,  an additional head/face for battle cries.  I think it would add more dynamic to this figure and give you some better options for creating a fighting pose.   The other, being the wings.  He has these awesome bat wings and I feel like they may have missed an opportunity by not adding some ball joints to the figure.  Moving the wings can add a range of emotion to the pose you are creating.  I feel that it could have been very welcoming in addition to the the figure they put out.

All in all,  I will restate my sentiment from the beginning of this review.   This is an awesome figure.  2 really well done renditions of Kingdom Hearts and I find myself on the hunt for the rest of the Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Kai figures to add to my collection.


Play Arts Kai KHII Riku


Oh, it’s been nearly 5 years since I put my hands on a Play Arts figure.  Let me just start out by saying, how I am so glad I had a chance to check out this Riku figure.

When the original Riku came out in the Play Arts line, prior to the start of the Kai figures, I purchased it with out second though, right from the Square Store with great hopes and wide eyes.   When I got that figure, well  lets just say that I was putting my faith in something that didn’t live up to the hype.   It was actually that experience, and the experience with the Square Store that I ended up ending my collection of Kingdom Hearts figures.  I guess it’s only fitting that I start up a collection with the same figure that ended it.

FIGURE-014761_09Riku  is the 3rd character in the Kingdom Hearts line under the Play Arts Kai line to come out.  This figure was released at the same time Halloween Town Sora was released.  We received a couple in the store of both.  First thing I did was take a quick look at the figure and see if the quality had changed over the years.  I was definitely surprised, this character didn’t come with 2 left hands!  Win!  The plastic over the eye on his weapon didn’t immediately pop off.  WIN!


Riku comes with 3 additional hands,  2 additional for his right hand and 1 additional for his left.  Riku also comes with the “Way to the Dawn” Keyblade.

The figure comes with it’s own stand for better posing options.  Unlike the previous stands from the old Play Arts days, it’s more functional, much like the stands you would get with S.H. Figuarts or Figma figures.  The only real difference is that they are a bit more sturdy to hold a much bulkier figure.

The articulation of the figure is very nice,  the knees have double joints, while the rest of the body has single joints that also allow for swivel and twisting, to get that pose just right.  The joints appear to have more of a ratchet to them, which given the size of the figure is much better, allowing a stronger hold for any pose you put the figure in.  The hands are easily interchangeable.  I honestly believe if I had to have a criticism of the figure the way it is, I wish it would have had a different face/head to swap,  something for battle yells or even adding a head that has the blind fold on it, just to mix it up.

Overall I am highly impressed with the figure. I am looking forward to checking out Halloween Town Sora later today.   I think that the years that have passed between Play Arts and Play Arts Kai have done well for their action figure line.  I can only stress to Square-Enix, please keep up the quality.  There are many things that can be forgiven by any fan, except the quality of a figure.  Once you break the trust of a collector due to spotty  quality control, it’s really hard to earn that trust.

Keep up the good work.

State of things to come.

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to get a quick note out to everyone regarding some updates to the site and the store.

We recently had to pull down our Transformers G2 Menasor listing, Apparently the street date is March 15. While we can still sell the item, I have been instructed through distributors that I am not allowed to post them online till the street date.,
We will be getting in some S.H. Figuarts Ranma Saotome figures from the Ranma 1/2 line. I am excited about these figures. This is by far one of my favorite anime series as well as manga. To get a decent figure of the main character is nothing short of a dream come true.

We will also be getting some Play Arts Kai Kingdom Hearts Riku and Halloween Sora figures in in the next week. I have collected Play Arts figures and even some of the Kai figures over the years. I am excited to see what they have done in terms of sculpt and articulation with these figures.

Lastly, and the one thing that has bugged me the most over the last week is that we will be taking down the website in the next week. This decision is hard for me. I would like to have a website in order to sell my products, since we don’t have our own brick and mortar store, but we are not getting the necessary traffic/sales to continue to support keeping it up.

We will continue to use eBay as a source for selling our items. We will continue to keep the eBay store front active until a time where we can generate more of a following and customer base to warrant having a website/store again. I hope that everyone can understand my decision to remove the website, we will continue to do our best to provide quality products for the fans from the fans.

We believe that this is only temporary and as we can continue to get the word out about our store, we will see back online.

I think other small business owners can agree with me that when your funds are limited each month, you have to determine what is the best use of money based on the returns of your investment. Our website generated less then 100 visits in the last month, and regardless of specials, coupons or products listed, we didn’t get sales on the website. (only through eBay). This is after spending several hundred dollars in advertisement on Ad Sense/Google, Twitter and Facebook.

It has been my dream for more then 20 years to have my own store, to sell awesome figures and comics and talk with comic geeks, otaku, nerds, collectors and all around awesome folks out there everyday. From Hobbies to Heroes is still fledgling, and less then a year old. We have room to grow and we have the determination to make it grow. We just have to find a way to connect better with folks out there who want to see our products and purchase them.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this, I hope that if you have any questions regarding the business to let me know. I will be happy to answer any questions on Facebook or via email at

I will be focusing more on the Blog and continuing to get the word out there.  We will be doing toy reviews on YouTube as well as starting a Podcast.  We will keep everyone up to date as we move along.

Joel Isenberg