Play Arts Kai KHII Riku


Oh, it’s been nearly 5 years since I put my hands on a Play Arts figure.  Let me just start out by saying, how I am so glad I had a chance to check out this Riku figure.

When the original Riku came out in the Play Arts line, prior to the start of the Kai figures, I purchased it with out second though, right from the Square Store with great hopes and wide eyes.   When I got that figure, well  lets just say that I was putting my faith in something that didn’t live up to the hype.   It was actually that experience, and the experience with the Square Store that I ended up ending my collection of Kingdom Hearts figures.  I guess it’s only fitting that I start up a collection with the same figure that ended it.

FIGURE-014761_09Riku  is the 3rd character in the Kingdom Hearts line under the Play Arts Kai line to come out.  This figure was released at the same time Halloween Town Sora was released.  We received a couple in the store of both.  First thing I did was take a quick look at the figure and see if the quality had changed over the years.  I was definitely surprised, this character didn’t come with 2 left hands!  Win!  The plastic over the eye on his weapon didn’t immediately pop off.  WIN!


Riku comes with 3 additional hands,  2 additional for his right hand and 1 additional for his left.  Riku also comes with the “Way to the Dawn” Keyblade.

The figure comes with it’s own stand for better posing options.  Unlike the previous stands from the old Play Arts days, it’s more functional, much like the stands you would get with S.H. Figuarts or Figma figures.  The only real difference is that they are a bit more sturdy to hold a much bulkier figure.

The articulation of the figure is very nice,  the knees have double joints, while the rest of the body has single joints that also allow for swivel and twisting, to get that pose just right.  The joints appear to have more of a ratchet to them, which given the size of the figure is much better, allowing a stronger hold for any pose you put the figure in.  The hands are easily interchangeable.  I honestly believe if I had to have a criticism of the figure the way it is, I wish it would have had a different face/head to swap,  something for battle yells or even adding a head that has the blind fold on it, just to mix it up.

Overall I am highly impressed with the figure. I am looking forward to checking out Halloween Town Sora later today.   I think that the years that have passed between Play Arts and Play Arts Kai have done well for their action figure line.  I can only stress to Square-Enix, please keep up the quality.  There are many things that can be forgiven by any fan, except the quality of a figure.  Once you break the trust of a collector due to spotty  quality control, it’s really hard to earn that trust.

Keep up the good work.


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