Kingdom Hearts II Halloween Town Sora

Well,  as I am laid up with a bum knee and foot, I decided now would be a good time to work on my review of Play Arts Kai Kingdom Hearts Sora (Halloween Town Ver.).  As  I mentioned in my review of Riku, it had been quite a while since I have had anything to do with Square – Enix and their action figure line.  So far I am still happy to say I am impressed.

I owned the previous release of Halloween Town Sora, under the Play Arts line.  I am happy to see that that kept the basic design of the figure, staying true to his Kingdom Hearts II design, with adding enough extras to keep the figure fresh.

This new version of Sora comes from the Final Mix Kingdom Hearts game, which like previous of Kingdom Hearts added more play-ability, bosses and story driven content then the American release of the game.

sora8One of the additions to the figure, that reflects the changes between normal and Final Mix is the accessories over the eye. Namely the Pumpkin/Crown/Heart and other items.  With in the game the head slot opens and the items that sit over the eye provide different stats.   These items plug into the head of the figure, depending on what your desire is for customizing Sora.

Sora also comes with 6 hands total,  2 open hands, 2 gripping hands for the keyblades and 2 fists.


Speaking of KeybladesSora comes with the Kingdom Key and the Decisive Pumpkin Key.  Both are very nice,  unlike the old Keyblades from the Play Arts line, the charms at the end of the keyboard are not on a flimsy chain, and dangle nicely when held by Sora.

sora7As with Riku, this figure comes with a stand so you can add more dynamic poses, and display your figure any way you prefer.

Sora has the same level of articulation as Riku, except at the knees.  His knees have single joint articulation, but he does have a swivel at the foot to help with posing.  All the main joints, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are ratcheted, the figure stands very nicely on it’s own,  but as it comes with it’s own stand, if you want more advanced poses, you can achieve those very easily.  His head and neck are on ball joints,  so you can move the top and lower portion of his neck to give him the “I mean business stare”.


If there was anything that I would have to call out as a negative on this figure, it would really be 2 minor gripes.  One which is the same with Riku,  an additional head/face for battle cries.  I think it would add more dynamic to this figure and give you some better options for creating a fighting pose.   The other, being the wings.  He has these awesome bat wings and I feel like they may have missed an opportunity by not adding some ball joints to the figure.  Moving the wings can add a range of emotion to the pose you are creating.  I feel that it could have been very welcoming in addition to the the figure they put out.

All in all,  I will restate my sentiment from the beginning of this review.   This is an awesome figure.  2 really well done renditions of Kingdom Hearts and I find myself on the hunt for the rest of the Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Kai figures to add to my collection.


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